Fall 2021

The inaugural release of the first vintage of Petite Sirah from our home vineyard brings us feelings akin to sending our kids to their first day of Kindergarten. The Paravel Estate vineyard turned 5 years old this year. We nursed it, raised it and named it, trained it up as it grew, sang to it, gave it lots of TLC and just enough water. Now The Arbiter is nicely dressed and ready to make its way in the world, and we get to stand back and watch it go, feeling proud and wondering where life will take it.

We’ve been waiting for this vintage since Jon began making wine, and as always, our deep gratitude to all of you for making Paravel possible. We are lucky to count so many of you as friends and it's an honor to have our wines in your homes, at your tables and gatherings and celebrations. It’s a connectedness that we treasure deeply, and it extends with every glass you pour. From the soil, the vines and grapes we tend at our home to the friends and family you host in yours, we raise a toast: To love, to health, to this vintage, and many more to follow.

2019 Howell Mountain Estate Petite Sirah, “THE ARBITER”

Rosehip, salted caramel, blueberry cheesecake, maple icing and fresh blackberry syrup, with hints of dusted cinnamon and ginger. A decadent, full entry of blackberry juice, blood orange and toffee blends seamlessly to an expansive mid-palate with an impressive lengthy finish of candied citrus and ripe plum.

2019 Howell Mountain Henry Brothers Ranch Petite Sirah

Raspberry and blackberry crumble, homemade vanilla bean ice cream, garden rose and toasted almond with hints of earl grey and cumin. Crushed velvet entry of strawberry and spice, black pepper mid-palate with a cocoa, mocha, and a toffee and graham cracker finish.

2019 Howell Mountain Henry Brothers Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon

A wine for the ages. Watermelon candy, cherry juice, dark chocolate espresso bean, fresh rose and strawberry sauce with hints of mocha, cedar and wildflower. A smooth, lush entry of deep dark chocolate, blackberry and cappuccino to an indelibly full mid-palate and filling finish of black cherry and spice.

As Ram Dass once put it, “we come together because we fill each others’ needs at some level or other.” A limited number of large format bottles are available on a first come, first served basis. Inquire about pricing.

Cheers to connection,

Jon and Jaime Jones


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