If you’re getting this message, you are one of the select few who’ve made your way into the know about Paravel Wines. Some of you are friends, some family, some friends of family, some family of friends. All of you have a personal connection with me, for which I am honored and grateful, and now here we are, about to embark on a grape (ahem) journey together.

I am proud to offer you all the very first vintage of Paravel Wines. Some of you have tasted it, some of you can only in your wildest wine dreams imagine what you’ll find when you uncork a bottle. Most of you enjoy drinking great wine as much as I enjoy making it. This is truly why you’re here.

2011 was an incredible year for hillside fruit in Napa Valley. I like to keep my vineyards in the hills, so it worked out well. Early rain tempted early picking, but I held out until the end of October, well into an Indian Summer for the storybooks. They said I was crazy to gamble on the weather, but the thick weathered skins on my grapes allowed for ideal extended maceration producing the layered and complex wines I’m proud to put my label on. The risk makes it taste better, I say.

The 2011 Howell Mountain Petite Sirah is my finest accomplishment since immersing myself in the wine industry 14 years ago. Rich Blackberry and resinous black pepper entice the palate with a long lasting creamy finish. Very age-worthy if that’s your thing. Let it cellar for 6 months or 10 years and you’ll be happy either way.

This year’s Cabernet Sauvignon release came off the hillsides of Calistoga, which is finally an Appellation unto itself. A ripe black cherry entrance leads to a seamless rich mid-palate. Cassis and dark chocolate tantalize through a long-lasting balanced finish.

Now, dear friends, we must do business.

The 2011 vintage will be bottled in early August, and will be ready for pick-up immediately. Shipments will take place when the weather cools in November. Just in time for the Holidays. You may choose a standard allocation of either a full case (6 bottles of Cab, 6 of Petite Sirah) or a half case (3 bottles of each). Ordering this way will secure you a standard allocation of future vintages. You may also customize an order with up to 6 bottles of either varietal. Custom requests are first come, first serve and will be filled according to availability.

Just think: years from now, with a 10-year vertical of Paravel in your cellar, you can say you were one of the very first. I hope you’re ready for a good ride.

With Love and Thanks,
Jon Jones


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